By Cathy Marciniak

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If you could have wings would you want them?

I don't know.

If you could use them to fly, would you want them?

Yes, if I could fly.

If they would be very big. If they might brush against your knees as you walked, might interfere with your gait, might be too large for some doorways.
And if you could never take them off?

I'd want them.

If you couldn't sit at some tables, ride in some trains. If you could never take them off, even when you wanted to meet someone, even when you wanted to go to bed?


Because you could fly?

Yes, because of the flying.

If they were heavy, if they bowed your shoulders, if no one else had them.
If they made people stare, made them angry. If they wouldn’t understand that you could fly. If they thought the wings meant something else, if they didn't know?

I would know.

If you had arms, legs, eyes, ears, could speak, wings too?

If I could have them too I would want them too.

And if the flying, if that only worked sometimes. If you could only fly once in a great while, with only those few who had wings too?

I would want them, always.

All, because of the flying?

On account of the flying,
but also,
in honor of the wind.